Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rush to Judgment On Zimmerman Trial

A six-person Florida jury late last week found neighborhood watch commander, George Zimmerman, not guilty of second degree murder/manslaughter in the death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. Much like the O.J. Simpson, and Casey Anthony trials, this trail had the attention of the entire country.

Evidence was presented, witnesses testified, legal instructions were given and the jury went about its business to determine the guilt or innocence of a man who shot another human being during a fight on a dark and rainy night in a gated community over a year ago. NBC News violated a journalistic code of ethics early on after the shooting, when it edited a call Zimmerman made to police describing Martin's presence in the neighborhood. NBC edited the tape to make it appear Zimmerman was a racist. That decision by some editor helped make this case about race. People who believe that what they hear on the news is akin to gospel truth ran with it.

Congressional leaders chimed in  as did the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They had already convicted Zimmerman. Those two men and even Department of Justice folks were participating in rallies and marches days before the jurors rendered their verdict.

When the not guilty verdict came in, the courtroom was quiet. However, days following the jury decision, Sharpton called the verdict a travesty and along with others demanded the federal government prosecute the man for civil rights violations. Sharpton like others, including congressional leaders, had There would be no other justifiable outcome other than guilty already convicted Zimmerman, didn't accept the verdict and were out to get what they wanted.

Interestingly, the local county prosecutor originally refused to press charges because there wasn't sufficient evidence to convict and  the FBI also looked into civil rights issues and found none. If there is a civil rights case, it will be interesting to see the additional evidence that would help Zimmerman that never made it to trial because the prosecution was so late in turning over the material. They hid the information and it only surfaced because of a whistle blower, whom the state prosecutor then fired. There will likely be charges against the state prosecutor as a result.

The rush to judgment in this case isn't the first time for Sharpton and his followers. It happened when members of the Duke Lacrosse were accused of rape a few years back. In a similar fashion, the prosecutor ignored evidence his investigators had and proceeded anyway. The team members were exonerated and the prosecutor was disgraced.

Whatever happened to believing and acting upon these words of sacred scripture?

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;  for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. (James 1:19-20 NKJV)

Men like Sharpton, Jackson and the editors of NBC (who are expected to be sued for their editing actions) should take the words to heart. These people have inflamed the fires of racism in this country because they refused to hear and were quick to shout opinions and demands that now have resulted in demonstrations across the country in a case that was not about racism. They are the one who injected racism into this case. Thankfully the jury did not buy into that reasoning.

There will come a time when God Himself will judge every person. His judgment will be right and true. There will be one standard and only two possible verdicts.  For the Christian who has placed biblical faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be acquittal of all wrongdoing.  For those who have not placed biblical faith in Jesus there will be condemnation.

There will be no appeal to the court of public opinion in that day.

Where do you stand with Jesus? It will be your decision what type of verdict you will receive.