Friday, January 25, 2013

You Tubing It

Well, I went ahead and finally did it. I made my first You Tube video.  It only took six tries but I finally got something that is at least passable.  I now know why I stuck with the print media for all those years.  I am very uncomfortable in front of a camera. Cameras suck the brains right out of your head.

I don't have a good "on air" persona. I stutter and hesitate and become self-conscious. Once I get into a groove that seems to go away but I am more comfortable sitting at a keyboard and typing away. My thoughts flow better and so does the communication of ideas. I wrote down what I wanted to say and referred often to the notes, but I was very unsure of myself.

I did the video because I wanted to get more exposure for my book, The Shift Moving from Religion to Relationship,  and I wanted to do something a little different communication-wise regarding reaching Catholics and anyone else with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was considerably stretched in the process.

God does that to us-- that stretching business. It always seems a bit uncomfortable because by nature we are creatures of habit and we get set in our ways. I know I do. I don't necessarily like to do new things, especially if I am already doing something that "works". Case in point. My dear wife sweetly insisted I use her hair stylist to cut my hair, not that I have that much left. Now I have been using the same folks for the past 15 years. However, I relented and went. It was uncomfortable for me to make that change.

I had to ask myself "Why?"

I came to the conclusion I don't like unfamiliar situations where there could be a different outcome than what I am expecting.

What I do realize is that the Holy Spirit does that to me all the time. The Holy Spirit doesn't let me settle into a routine or else the routine and the often-times guaranteed results become my expectation. The Holy Spirit changes things up to accomplish His will in me so that I will rely upon Him and not upon the tried, true and familiar.

When I was practicing religion in the Roman Catholic Church, I was in that tried and true everything is the same paradigm. When I became a born-again Biblical Christian and accepted Jesus into my heart and confessed  Him with my mouth as Romans 10:9-10 says, the Holy Spirit began changing me from the inside out. The tried and true were no longer satisfying and the Lord was leading me into directions I didn't necessarily want to go but did so because He was the one in charge.

The changes were not necessarily comfortable and I was being stretched, but in the long run I found that was exactly what I needed to do.

I admit I am still reluctant to do certain things in life. I just need to know where it is important to change and where it is not. Adapting to newer technologies are always a challenge because the technologies change so quickly (can anyone say iPhone 4,5, Windows 8, Tablets?). Being asked to adapt my Christian views to a certain politically correct bent will NOT happen. Sometimes the Holy Spirit stretches us to hold our ground and not "go with the flow". That is difficult for some folks because it bucks the trend and that is a different type of stretching. It's easier to go with what is popular, but it isn't always better.

I am so glad the Lord stretches me and tried to keep me in a pliable state. It's the best way to live and the only way to live as  a Christian.

Well, if you want to check out the video-- and there will be more coming related to the themes in my book-- go to either Google+ or You Tube and type in the full name of the book (The Shift Moving from Religion to Relationship) or my name, O.K. Johnson.  It's 13 minutes long.

God bless.