Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Truth vs. Compassion

It's obviously general election time and the special interest groups are inundating the airwaves with commercials in an attempt to sway people to vote a particular way. One series of ads running is in reference to a Washington State ballot measure that would uphold the legislature's decision  to grant marriage status to gay and lesbians.

The ads show married couples who have gay or lesbian children and the struggle the parents face. In one ad the married couple are a pastoral team and the ad depicts him in his liturgical clothing. He states the reason for his decision to uphold the legislatures law is based on the compassion Jesus demonstrated.

Compassion is great and wanting people to be accepted for who they are is fine and good. However,  the ad conveniently neglects what the written word of God has to say on the matter.  God instituted marriage between a man and a woman. Jesus upheld that when referencing the law and the prophets specifically his Matthew 19:5-6. God's stance hasn't changed.

It is unfortunate that that compassion and/or feelings take a higher priority than the word of God. Psalm 119, specifically verses 11, 89, 105, 133, 140, 160 and Proverbs 30:5  all tell us what the word of God does.  It is the light to our path and manual for understanding God's will.

The word doesn't say we are to hate those of a different sexual orientation.  We are to love them as any other person. However, the word does establish righteous standards for living. And yes, I believe some folks are gay/lesbian by nature. It's part of the corrupted DNA caused by sin. However, it doesn't mean it is to be accepted as normal and right.

I view the corrupted DNA in the same way that I view the corrupted DNA in an alcoholic (not a drunk).  I had a cousin who was an alcoholic. He is now dead.  One drink was too many and 99 wasn't enough. He had to choose whether to live without the booze and drugs or give in to his desires. He chose the latter.

Was it fair God made him that way? No more or less fair than my mentally challenged 22 year old adopted son who can't hold a job because of his limitations.  He has to adapt to his circumstances. He will never have a family, a job or anything else that we deem "normal".  However, He needs to function within the limitations God  has given to him just as the alcoholic needs to function within his or her limitations. The same with a gay or lesbian person.  I have a nephew who is gay and close friends in Portland who have a gay son. I understand the issues and challenges. However, asking voters to validate a non-Biblical lifestyle is not compassion nor loving.  Being gay isn't a sin. Living a gay/lesbian lifestyle or voting to validate such a lifestyle is a sin. God's word says so.

The ads give the false impression that compassion trumps Biblical truth. It does not. However, those who adhere to Biblical truth best not use it as a club. Too many supporters of traditional marriage have forgotten how to love people.

Truth without love is harsh. Love without truth is destructive. Both are needed and the only way to find that out is to know the written word of God and apply it to your daily life.

Don't get sucked in by the advertising. It's all about feelings and devoid of truth.

Discernment is critical. Know what your Bible says and you won't get led astray by clergy and political interest groups that try to tell you otherwise.

God bless.