Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two perspectives and acceptance

The ending of Monday night's Seattle Seahawks-Green Bay Packers football game ended in major controversy. The Seahawks, trailing by five points with eight seconds left in the game, were awarded the victory after the Green Bay defender and Seahawk  receiver both had their hands on the ball in the endzone. Seattle was awards a touchdown.

By all accounts, I agreed with the Seattle  and Green Bay media that  it was a bad call (and I'm a Seahawk fan). From the Seahawks perspective, it was due justice that righted a number of bad calls against the home team over the last two decades. For the Packers, it was a classic case of "getting jobbed" by replacement referees.

Cases can be made for both sides of the argument and the debate will continue long after this season ends. The NFL front office and suprisingly even the locked-out regular season referees are saying it was the proper call despite what most people saw transpire on the field.  Even the officials closest to the action had differing opinions and perspectives.

This was just a football game and it's nice to know that God's perspective regarding the most important game we all play--life-- is always clear, correct and just. There is no fudging with God. No cheating like the non-pass interference call the Seahawk wide receiver made when he leveled the Green Bay defensive back to get better position prior to the controversial touchdown.

God's perspective is simple-- realize that each of us is a sinner in need of a Savior. Repent of our sins and come into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Begin to see Who God is, how He acts and what He asks of us. See Him change your life from the inside out. Even though life circumstances sometimes result in things we don't like, we are always winners because in Christ we are holy, righteous, and clean before Almighty God, despite what our circumstances and daily decisions we make  and feelings tell us.  Our position is always perfect before God even though our walk is not.

Once we understand God's perspective on us as His kids and how salvation really works, we can forget about trying to make ourselves perfect. Our salvation and election to God's favor does not depend upon what we do. We can't earn it or ever pay enough money to obtain it. Jesus bought our salvation and each of us individually by His sacrificial death on the cross. Salvatio  is only appropriated through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The New Testament books of Roman and Galatians show us that it is faith alone in Jesus that makes us perfect in God's sight. Any works we might do after that are sinply the result of a living and active faith, not something that we use to help pay for salvation.

We might fumble the ball during our daily walk but we always win the game of eternal life with God  when we walk with Jesus.

The only perspective that counts is God's perspective. You will only find that out by reading His words in the Bible.  Preachers, teachers and peer groups can always give the wrong answer. God's word always delivers. And it is right every time.

God bless.