Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lost and Unsettled

About 10 days ago I was working in an establishment and overheard a conversation between two guys. One was telling the other he had once been on a hunting trip and had gotten lost. He had no GPS or compass and he had become very unsettled. He said he was getting worried and was even a little frightened about not knowing where he was or how to get where he was going.

I think we have all been there in some way, shape or form. Whether we are traveling in a strange state or country, starting classes in a new school or just plopped into an entirely new work situation without a clue of what to do or how to do it. It is greatly unsettling to be "lost" in that environment. We like to be sure of our surroundings and situations in our respective lives.

I've found spiritually it's the same way.  God places within each of us His own GPS (God's Positioning Spirit if you will) that draws us to Him. Paul's letter to the Romans (chapters one and two) says we all have that within us and that there is no excuse for anyone who claims they don't know how to reach God.That GPS draws us to His written Word we can know Him and His ways.

Psalm 119:105 says God's word is a lamp to our feet and a guide to our path. Jesus said in John 8:12 that He is the light of the world. When we follow Jesus we have our path lit ever hour of every single day. We won't get lost if we follow Him. We following Him by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit God has placed within each believer who has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit is God's very own GPS for our life (John 14:26, 16:13).

 Even when it seems we have gotten into a dark and strange place in our lives, if we rely on God's pure word as revealed to each of us by the Holy Spirit we won't get unsettled or lost. There will be a time coming when those who have failed to listen to God's word and live for Jesus will become eternally lost because of the individual choices made. It is actually one single choice-- recting the free salvation available to all in accepting the Lord Jesus Christ.

The words of the writer of the book of Hebrews are still just as important for us today as when they were originally penned nearly 2,000 years ago:

Beware brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God; but exhort one another daily, while it is called 'Today' lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end while it is said 'Today if you hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.'
God's GPS is still active. Don't ignore it (Him). That GPS will always lead you safely to your destination.

God bless.