Thursday, August 16, 2012

Handling The Heat

We just returned from eastern Washington and had the opportunity to see the effects of the Taylor Bridge wildfire. We watched the newscasts of neighbors helping neighbors and results of the fire that destroyed homes, livestock and forced the evacuation of approximately 400 persons as of this posting. High temperatures and winds are hampering firefighters to control the blaze. We also saw the local weather report for western Washington. High temperatures for the rest of the week.

We then received a call from a couple of friends yesterday  who have a new baby and wanted to know if they could hide out at our place until the weather cooled down. So we have guests. We have something they want to help beat the heat-- a well insulated home and air conditioning. As the temperatures rise, they looked for someone who could help them.

That caused me to think about the spiritual applications of heat, especially wildfire type heat. We've seen recent news events surrounding the comments made by the owner of Chick Fil-A on contributing to traditional marriage family organizations. His position  has angered those who demand everyone be politically correct and abandon their Biblical views.  Attempts were made by politicians to deny new restaurant applications  because of the owner's stand, despite the fact he did not discriminate in hiring of homosexuals.  He came under a lot of heat with people trying to hurt his stores economically to change his deeply held views.

How do each of us handle the heat of peer pressure that would force us to compromise our views? If you are a Biblical Christian, the Word of God is to be your standard and guide. If you stand for the truth and love people despite what they say to you concerning your beliefs based on the truth, others will take notice.  When the real difficult days come-- and they are coming quickly-- I believe people who don't have a Biblical clue why things are happening the way they are will see strength and peace in the Biblical Christians. They will seek the real believers out as the heat gets turned up. They will recognize that the Biblical believing Christians have something -- actually Someone- they lack and will want to know how to get it.

This will be a genuine opportunity for ministry and discipleship.

Are you up to the task?  Are you ready for what God wants to do in your life as the political, economic and social worlds gets turned upside down? 

Where is your spiritual anchor tied?  Is it in an institutional church, the environmental movement or some other cause?  If your spiritual anchor isn't Jesus, you are in big trouble. The institution church and social movements are secondary. Relationship with Jesus is primary.

Come to Jesus, for He alone offers peace and security for you.

God bless.

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