Friday, July 13, 2012

Well, the book release date for The Shift is tentatively set for early to mid August. Ebook versions and audio will be available sometime the week of July 23. I'm getting excited! I have a wonderful new friend and pubished author, Mike Martel, who God used to set up this blog/website. Mike also turned me onto a Christian publisher in Waco, Texas who made the editing and publishing of the finished product go so very smoothly.

I like it when God orchestrates something. I have seen His hand in this endeavor since my wonderful wife, Patti, urged me to write a book. The subject changed over time and something I thought was going to be about the Seven Churches of Revelation evolved into a personal story of my journey from religion to relationship.  I don't think my story is all that different than many cradle Catholics.  Many of us longed for something more than we were getting in parochial school regarding our religious formation.  We just didn't know what it was. Some of us have discovered that something was really Somebody--Jesus Christ and how we could have a personal relationship with Him.

If you are a Catholic-- practicing or non-practicing--  you will identify with many of the things in this book. If you are a Protestant Christian I also share observations from that side of religious tradition. If you are somebody who just attends Christmas and Easter only who is looking for something more to life, than I believe this book can help you discover Who and what is really important. I suspect some of my Protestant brethren will take exception to some things I say as will some of my dear practicing Catholic friends. I don't expect everyone to agree with me but I would ask you to read it through and understand the reasoning behind what I believe.

I have my view from the pew and am happy to share it in the context of my life.

God bless.

O.K. "Speedy" Johnson